Our Coach

Nalin Mehta

Business Coach, ActionCOACH India

Specializing in Automotive and Automotive Component Manufacturing Industry

A Coach who gets you moving in the right direction
Nalin is a strategic thinker with an ability to look at the big picture. He gets you to set your priorities based on your long-term goals. And yet he can easily zoom into details effortlessly. He helps plan your actions for the short term ensuring they all easily add-up to the bigger plan bit-by-bit, thereby making you invest your time and resources in the right direction.

An experienced marketing professional
Nalin has been all through a marketing & customer person. With him you are sure to develop a deep understanding of your market, differentiate your offering and develop innovative market strategies. He has the ability to help you identify your niche and position your business for long term growth as well as higher profits.

A well-rounded business strategist
Nalin has his engineering, management degree and professional course exposure from big names like IIT, Kharagpur, Harvard and Kellogg. He has hands-on experience of 15 years as a CEO himself. With this background he has the unique ability to leverage all aspects of your business including manufacturing, marketing, sales, service, HR and finance management all put together to take your business to newer heights.

A calm, reflective and yet jovial being
Nalin with his 40 years of varied business experiences has learnt to calmly reflect on complex challenges and create sturdy solutions. You will find him meditative and yet socially jovial all at the same time. No wonder he passionately plays bridge & golf in his free time. Both strategic games require sharpness of the mind and body along with significant socializing & people skills.