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Franchise Opportunities

Start up requirements

Before you go any further in the ActionCOACH franchise discovery process, find out what we'll need from you. In which kind of ActionCOACH franchise are you interested?


Master Licensing is a very effective means of expanding franchise systems internationally. Master Licensees (ML's) have the exclusive right to develop one or more of the ActionCOACH owned franchise brands within their territory. (A territory is considered a country, a part of a very large country or multiple small countries.) ML's thoroughly understand the character and customs of consumers in their country and the nature of their local marketplace. By integrating this knowledge with the brand, business and franchising, they support the proven global leader.

Master Licensees:


A Joint Venture (JV) is where two or more persons (either individual people or companies) enter into an agreement to undertake a business venture (51%-49% shareholding). The JV Partner is responsible for establishing a Regional Office in a large territory.

The Regional Office is responsible for awarding Master Licenses along with providing marketing support and building brand recognition in that area. The JV Partner is responsible for all growth and profitability of the franchise in the area. In return, they share in the franchise revenue stream.


A Practice is a "single coach" business model that offers both a solid business and a great work-from-home lifestyle with a lower overhead and stress level. It provides an opportunity for those with an executive leadership or business ownership background to directly transfer the skills they have developed over their careers into a business opportunity where the value they provide to their clients is amplified by the ActionCOACH Tools and Systems.


This is the premier level of franchise investment we may grant the right to operate. The Firm is an arrangement whereby franchisee is granted the rights to employ or contract a minimum team of eight business coaches referred to as "Nominated Business Coaches" (NBC's) who provide Coaching Services to Clients and operate the Business within an agreed upon DDMA and on a limited basis outside the DDMA.

Generally, the Firm Owner will provide Coaching Services as part of the Firm and lead a team of Business Coaches. There are no restrictions on the number of (NBC's) employed or contracted with, however, there are minimum numbers of NBC's in accordance with the Minimum Business Coach Requirement.